a. I will treat those who appear in the videos and other classroom artifacts with thoughtfulness and respect.
b. I will not make screenshots or reproductions of classroom videos and classroom photographs available through the site; however, I'm free to modify and reproduce classroom instructional materials, including modeling reading videos, student work packets, teacher guides, or presentation slides as long as I attribute Read.Inquire.Write. and do not make a profit from using them (Read more requirements of our Creative Commons 4.0 BY-Non-commercial License).
c. I will use the video and other content for educational purposes. I will not use these materials for research or other purposes.
d. When I share the Read.Inquire.Write. resources in an educational setting, I will be responsible for helping my learners understand what it means to treat the resources (e.g. videos, student essays), information in the resources, and people who appear in the resources in respectful and responsible ways.
e. I am authorized to enter into these agreements.

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