Co-constructing and negotiating knowledge propositions in social studies discussion: Exploring an SFL-based framework for close analysis of discourse moves

Sida Sun, Mary J. Schleppegrell, Chauncey Monte-Sano (2024)


The translanguaging school

Mina Hernandez Garcia, Mary J. Schleppegrell,

Hasna Sobh, & Chauncey Monte-Sano (2023)


Reframing history and listening to students through 

Learning Labs professional development

Chauncey Monte-Sano, Amanda Jennings, Mary J. Schleppegrell (2023)


The value of models to support students’ voice in middle school social studies argumentation

Mary J. Schleppegrell, Sida Sun, Chauncey Monte-Sano (2023)


“It’s not that simple”: Re-thinking historical writing tasks based on insights from disciplinary experts

Chauncey Monte-Sano and Sarah Thomson (2022)


Promoting all students’ participation by embedding discussion throughout inquiry

María del Mar Estrada Rebull, Chauncey Monte-Sano, Amanda Jennings and Jeff Kabat (2022)

Teaching models of disciplinary argumentation in middle school social studies: A framework for supporting writing development

Chandra L. Alston, Chauncey Monte-Sano, Mary Schleppegrell, Kimberly Harn (2021)


Culturally sustaining disciplinary literacy for bi/multilingual learners: Creating a translanguaging social studies classroom

Mina Hernandez Garcia, Mary J. Schleppegrell (2021)


Reflections on designing curriculum to interrogate social studies

Chauncey Monte-Sano, Christine Quince (2021)


Discussion in diverse middle school social studies classrooms: Promoting all students’ participation in the disciplinary work of inquiry

Chauncey Monte-Sano, Mary Schleppegrell, Sida Sun, Jiaxin Wu and Jeff Kabat (2021)


From form to function: Learning with practitioners to support diverse middle school students’ disciplinary reasoning and writing

Chauncey Monte-Sano, Ryan E. Hughes, Sarah Thomson (2019)


Bridging reading and writing: Using historians’ writing processes as clues to support students

Chauncey Monte-Sano (2017)

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