Original Lessons from Read.Inquire.Write.

Archived Lessons

When we first developed Read.Inquire.Write. lessons, our partner teachers mixed world geography and ancient world history across 6th and 7th grades, so we included both subjects in investigations focused on Interpretation and Critique writing. Since then, we re-worked investigations so that all world geography investigations focus on Interpretation tasks and all world history tasks focus on Critique tasks. We share these original lessons here in case you preferred the initial approach. Please note that these lessons do not have updated disciplinary literacy tools and some of these investigations include translation and other supports for students who speak Spanish. 

Table of Contents

Interpretation - What sources are most reliable for learning about the dodecahedron?

Interpretation - What was important to King Hammurabi?

Interpretation - Why is access to water unequal in and around Mexico City?

Interpretation - What countries should be included in the Middle East?

Interpretation - How did the Inca maintain control over such a large empire?

Critique - Which map should we use?

Critique - Why does hazardous child labor continue to exist in Nepal?

Critique - Which sources are most reliable for learning about the Ancient Silk Road?

Critique - Was democracy in Athens a good form of government?

Critique - Is post-apartheid South Africa living up to its promises?

Counterargument - Which sources help us understand the relationship between the Hemings and Jefferson families?

Counterargument - Would the Founders have approved of Executive Actions concerning DACA?

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