High-Leverage Practices for Teaching Inquiry & Argument Writing

in Social Studies Classrooms

Core Practices

Having good curriculum materials is great, but the work of teaching with students in live classrooms is another area for learning to ensure that we are prepared to disrupt inequity and support all students’ learning. The TeachingWorks Resource Library offers teacher education resources to support teachers who are working to support their students’ growth. The social studies materials that TeachingWorks offers are organized around 6 high-leverage instructional practices important for teaching inquiry and argument writing:

  1. Eliciting and interpreting student thinking
  2. Leading discussions
  3. Explaining and modeling content
  4. Setting up and managing small group work
  5. Implementing norms and routines for discourse
  6. Designing lessons

TeachingWorks offers these resources free of charge. You can learn more about the TeachingWorks Resource Library here or click on the button below to access the social studies teacher education resources.

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