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This collaboration with @librarycongress shows how the Read.Inquire.Write. literacy supports and inquiry structure can pair with existing collections of primary sources to support students’ social studies argument writing. See our updated website for more! #sschat RIW_Team photo

See how to integrate @RIW_Team literacy tools with other primary source sets to support inquiry and argument writing in social studies. We partnered with the @librarycongress, @SHEG_Stanford, and @IowaMuseum to provide some examples. #sschat #TwitterHistoryTeachers RIW_Team photo

Our new site has launched! Learn more about the process for inquiry and argument writing structured by our disciplinary literacy tools that we use in our investigations. The tools can be paired with other primary sources. A big thank you to @librarycongress! #sschat RIW_Team photo

We launch our new site today at 12:30! Investigations in world geography, world & US history are each paired w/1 type of argument writing. Thank you @librarycongress #sschat #twitterhistoryteachers #socialstudies RIW_Team photo

Join us this Thursday to explore our Bookmark Tool! The Bookmark Tool supports students to collaborative read and analyze primary sources. Register with NCSS here:
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Learn the Read.Inquire.Write. curriculum which supports students’ critical thinking and argument writing in this Thursday’s webinar, “Read.Inquire.Write.: Reasoning and Writing with Sources Through Inquiry.” Register today: @RIW_Team #sschat

In order to support students’ thinking and writing, we have created “read aloud” videos for the sources from our Child Labor and Abolitionist investigations! Access these videos (and more to come) on the R.I.W. Youtube channel.

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