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Check out our relaunched website to access lesson materials, resources to support multilingual learners, and to learn more about Weigh the Evidence and our process for supporting social studies inquiry across three content areas: RIW_Team photo
Join us next Tuesday to consider how our Weigh the Evidence tool can support students to transition from reading and analyzing primary sources to organizing and writing evidence based arguments during social studies inquiry. Visit @historyed to register: RIW_Team photo
Registration is now open for our December 8th webinar hosted by @historyed! Tune in as we consider how to support students through discussion to make the shift from source analysis to argument writing during social studies inquiry. Visit NCHE to register: RIW_Team photo
Join us December 10 to consider how small and whole group discussions can support students to make the leap from reading and analyzing sources to writing evidence-based arguments. Register with @historyed:

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This collaboration with @librarycongress shows how the Read.Inquire.Write. literacy supports and inquiry structure can pair with existing collections of primary sources to support students’ social studies argument writing. See our updated website for more! #sschat RIW_Team photo

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