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Visit the Read.Inquire.Write. website free access to disciplinary literacy tools that support reading primary sources in middle school social studies. Support English learners and readers and choose from fifteen compelling investigations https://t.co/nXzJbknoWi. #ELLchat #sschat https://t.co/tOsOSj7fvQ RIW_Team photo

Middle school English learners get support for social studies inquiry from Read.Inquire.Write. Check out https://t.co/nXzJbknoWi. Tip: connect students with a buddy who speaks the same language and encourage them to work together. #socialstudies #ELLchat #middleschool https://t.co/RYqo79QFZL RIW_Team photo

Each Read.Inquire.Write. investigation includes a student packet, teacher guide, PPT, video that models analyzing a source, and examples of students’ writing. Check out our Mexico City investigation as an example #elearning #sschat #homeschooling #socialstudies #geographyteacher https://t.co/hdqgFxzjTf RIW_Team photo

Read.Inquire.Write. investigations help students develop claims, evidence, and reasoning about social studies topics across 3 argument types, each one more difficult than the next. There are 5 “investigations” for each type. #onlinelearning #sschat #primarysources #socialstudies https://t.co/XtGMrnf2gx RIW_Team photo

Read.Inquire.Write.’s 6 disciplinary literacy tools create a structured process for social studies inquiry & writing across 15 investigations, supporting reading, analysis, weighing evidence, corroborating sources, and writing arguments #onlinelearning #sschat #primarysources https://t.co/MIOQ5Xuj0g RIW_Team photo

@RIW_Teamteachers are rocking it! Some are turning student packets into Google docs for students so they can share feedback & respond to questions. Others are creating screencasts to go along with our PPTs. Inspired by these amazing educators! #elearning #sschat #socialstudies