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Estaremos presentando el currículo Read.Inquire.Write en el VI Encuentro Internacional de Enseñanza de la Historia en Monterrey, México, el 11 de Octubre. ¡Nos emociona conectar con colegas mexicanxs! Consulta el programa en https://t.co/Fs6wmts2Jb https://t.co/5c22YCwotX RIW_Team photo

We will be presenting the Read.Inquire.Write. curriculum at the VI International Meeting of History Teaching in Monterrey, Mexico on October 11. We’re excited to connect with Mexican colleagues! Check out the program at https://t.co/Fs6wmts2Jb

Excited to share a new resource for learning about classroom routines to support teaching social studies inquiry! Check out our "Routines to Support Inquiry" page. https://t.co/g4i6ohR9lZ https://t.co/9y84GbMQBy RIW_Team photo

We are excited to announce our latest investigation to introduce students to social studies inquiry as they investigate the question: How do historians interpret historical artifacts?

Are you a teacher using the Read.Inquire.Write. curriculum? We'd love to hear your feedback! Complete this short, five-question survey and you'll be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card!