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Join us this Thursday to explore our Bookmark Tool! The Bookmark Tool supports students to collaborative read and analyze primary sources. Register with NCSS here: https://t.co/PO9wSAR68a https://t.co/rLUrvil3Mt
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Learn the Read.Inquire.Write. curriculum which supports students' critical thinking and argument writing in this Thursday's webinar, "Read.Inquire.Write.: Reasoning and Writing with Sources Through Inquiry." Register today: https://t.co/gB2pI4G4ty @RIW_Team #sschat https://t.co/SFgt46xE4E

In order to support students' thinking and writing, we have created "read aloud" videos for the sources from our Child Labor and Abolitionist investigations! Access these videos (and more to come) on the R.I.W. Youtube channel. https://t.co/tGTxXgXEM8

Social studies teachers, share your ideas about history tasks we're developing to help us support teacher learning. Sign up here: https://t.co/yxW6JBq0pg.

We will send you a set of sources and arrange for $100 payment upon completion of a 1-hour survey. #sschat #socialstudies

Visit the Read.Inquire.Write. website free access to disciplinary literacy tools that support reading primary sources in middle school social studies. Support English learners and readers and choose from fifteen compelling investigations https://t.co/nXzJbknoWi. #ELLchat #sschat https://t.co/tOsOSj7fvQ RIW_Team photo

Middle school English learners get support for social studies inquiry from Read.Inquire.Write. Check out https://t.co/nXzJbknoWi. Tip: connect students with a buddy who speaks the same language and encourage them to work together. #socialstudies #ELLchat #middleschool https://t.co/RYqo79QFZL RIW_Team photo