Students can run out of steam while writing and lose focus on their goals or lack goals as they write. Using the Reflection Guide is one way to remind students of their purpose in writing and what they should include in their writing. The Reflection Guide can be used to help students monitor their progress and re-focus their work, and it coaches students on key aspects of argument writing. In addition, the Reflection Guide can be used to prompt students to reflect on and internalize key aspects of argument writing and identify ways to improve their writing-- whether in revising their current argument or setting goals for what they might improve in their next argument.

Reflection Guides all highlight claims, evidence, and reasoning as core components of argument writing in the left-hand column, and offer specific prompts tailored to the particular investigation and type of writing in the right-hand column, with space for students to reflect in the middle. Students can use the Reflection Guide to remind them about the expectations for the argument task as they write on the 5th day of the investigations. They can also use the Reflection Guide to evaluate and reflect on their writing once drafted, and set goals for revising their draft or for what they will focus on in future argument writing tasks.

Reflection Guide for Critique 


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